Blaux AC: Next Portable AC Or a Dud?

Blaux personal fan claims to be the next big thing in personal AC units, especially because it’s portable. It’s small enough that all you have to do is wear it around your neck! Is it as good as they say it is, or is it a piece of junk? Read on to find out!

The list of functions the Blaux has are:

  • It moves a massive amount of airflow with a rating of 1.9 CFM+ (Cubic feet per minute).
  • Positional air flow.
  • One size that fits all.
  • 3 fan speed modes.
  • LED light to indicate power and charging status.
  • USB-C Charging.
  • Super easy to clean and care for
  • Can run 30 hours with a single charge!
  • Has an ionizer within the fan chamber to reduce pollutants and allergens
  • Built-in antibacterial filter inside of the fan intake

After receiving it, I have to say it does look quite futuristic! I’ve never thought about wearing an ac, I mean I remember carrying around one fo those small fans, but not something that just goes around my neck!

I tried it on and it does fit snuggly around my neck, it’s not uncomfortable or anything but it does take a little getting use to unfortunately (as with anything new that you wear I suppose!).

After wearing it for a few weeks, I’ve got to say it does help with keeping me cooler, those little fans do pack a punch! My favorite use of it is around the house when it’s warm but not too hot that I need the AC on, I just toss thing thing around my neck and I’m good to go.

I can’t really tell if the air that I’m inhaling is any cleaner than before due to the filtration system, but it’s ok because I primarily purchased this to try and keep cool during those hot summer months.

After using this for a few weeks I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to keep a bit cooler during summer. It’s great to use outside (say you want to sit in the sun and read a book but it’s crazy hot our, or maybe have lunch in the sun) and also want to keep cool!

With 30 hours of use in a single charge you really get a lot of use out of it, and you don’t have to worry about constantly charging it also!

Check it out and let me know what you all think :).

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