Polar Mini: Are Portable ACs Worth It?

I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements for these portable AC units on just about every website you’ve been on, especially during summer!

Well with summer finally coming to a close, it begs the question – are these portable ACs really worth it? They seem amazing at first glance, you just take with to whatever room you want to stay cool in, instead of turning on your central air and cooling down the entire home. You save on electricity costs, reduce emissions, and also it’s just a lot quicker to cool down a room instead of the entire home!

After using it during summer, I have got to say, it is really handy having an AC you can just move from room to room. It is incredibly easy to use. And it’s small enough that it you can place it on just about anything, even a bedside table!

When you purchase a Polar Mini, you’ll receive the portable AC unit, and a charging cable.

The list of benefits they talk about on their website are:

  • Portable design
  • Very easy to use
  • It can double as a humidifier
  • It has a filtration system so it can remove dust and other irritants form the air
  • Can be charged with a USB cable
  • Start blowing cold air in seconds
  • 3 different fan speeds

To use the Polar Mini you just have to fill up the water reservoir, charge it, and ensure there is a filter (must be replaced every 3-5 months, so every year basically assuming you only run it during summer) and then it’s good to go, you can immediately start cooling down the room you’re in. It also can last hours on just a single charge, which is nice because during the hot days of summer, you’ll need cool air almost the entire day!

I found that it does work quite well cooling down the personal space, however it only really works for a single person. It’s best if you have one per person that blows directly on you, if you really want to get the most use out of it. But really at the price you’re able to get it for, it’s not too bad to buy one for each family member!

After using this during summer, I can safely say this is a gadget! It’s great to have a personal AC unit that I can just take with me wherever I go, especially because I work from home. Taking this to my office and putting it on my desk to keep cool during summer has been an absolutely life saver :)!

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