KoreTrak: Next Hot SmartWatch or Junk?

This new smart watch has got to be one of the internet’s hottest products right now, everywhere you look someone is talking about it or you’ll see an ad. How are you suppose to see through all that information and find the truth? Well hopefully our short little review will help you out :).

KoreTrak is a smart watch and fitness tracker that does a wonderful job is tracking your bodies vitals without costing an arm and a leg like other brands. While wearing it you will be able to track your bodies blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels are a quick glance to the watch.

The packaging that it came in was quite nice, especially for a SmartWatch under $100. We were also pleasantly surprised by the watch, it actually looks just like it does in the photos you see online!

After tinkering around with it we found that it is able to do quite a few functions:

  • It can track the amount of calories you’ve burned.
  • It can track the amount of sleep you’ve had.
  • It can track the amount of steps you’ve taken.
  • Your heart rate.
  • It can link with your smartphone so you can receive SMS alerts, phone calls and even find your phone if you’ve lost it!

Using KoreTrak was great for exercising, you just click a few buttons and it automatically starts tracking your workout for you! It also fits snuggly on your wrist so you don’t have to worry about it moving about if you’re running or doing any other type of cardiovascular activity!

After you finish your workout, you can check out all the statistics of it within the KoreTrak app. You can see how many calories you burned, your heart rate, and the distance that you went (if you ran!).

The battery life of the KoreTrak is quite good as well with a 380MAH Li-ion battery, it can easily last throughout the day! You won’t be needing to constantly charge this watch.

Overall after using it for about a month now, we would say this is definitely a GADGET, especially at the price you’re able to get it for. It’s literally a fraction of the price of the more popular brands, but it still has most of the same functionality!

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