Fever Patrol Ring: Next Way To Keep Your Temperature or A Gimmick?

This new ring changes color based on what your temperature is, some are talking about it being the new way to take your temperature, but is it all that? Read on to find out…

On their website, they claim to:

  • Constantly indicate the wearers body temperature in real time.
  • You just have to wear it to see your temperature.
  • It is lightweight, ergonomic, and modern.
  • There aren’t any batteries, it isn’t dependent on any power supply.
  • It is wearable and waterproof, it also comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large.
  • They also have a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Accurate within +- 1.5F.

We received them in the mail, and after opening the box we must admit they were quite stylish, and with three separate temperature readings it’s easy to get a quick idea on what your temperature is currently at. One pack of rings includes a small, medium and a large ring.

It was nice that we received multiple sized rings per pack, each of us ended up using a different sized ring! They did fit quite well, and looked very modern, I even had a few friends compliment me and ask what I was wearing because they were so intrigued.

We did some tests to see how accurate they were compared to a old fashioned thermostat and we found that they were within 1.5 Fahrenheit as advertised, which was refreshing considering some of the claims you see these days!

We had fun using them as a family, always telling each other what our temperatures were! It was WAY easier than using a thermostat, that is for sure.

After using them a few weeks, I’d have to say this is a cool piece of tech especially considering the price! It’s an easy and fun way to keep track of your temperature without too much margin of error.

This is definitely going to be a GADGET! I hope you’re family has as much fun with these as ours did :).

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